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Bourne PC Services

PC and Laptop Repairs

Below are the PC and Laptop Repairs Services that I provide.

Hardware Repairs

- removal of faulty / old parts and provide and install new
- replace PC power supply unit
- replace Laptop power pack
- replace Laptop power port(plugin type)

Please Note: I do not replace laptop screens


- replace Hard Drive
- add extra Hard Drives
- add extra Memory
- replace or add Graphics Card
- replace Mainboard / CPU

Software Issues

- fix software issues as required
- configure software
- update drivers
- uninstall software that's no longer used
- remove programs from startup
- clear temp files

Setup Wired Network

- provide cables and network points as required

Setup Wireless Network

- provide wireless router / wireless network card if required

Windows 10 Install / Reinstall

- using existing Operating System or provide new
- factory reset PC / Laptop

Virus / Malware Removal

- virus, malware and unwanted programs removed*
- install free edition antivirus if none already installed

*removal attempted but reinstallation of Windows could be required

New PC / Laptop Setup

- setup PC / Laptop and configure Windows
- connection of all peripherals (Printer etc)
- install and configure software
- install updates

Photo's / Files Backup

- backup of data to Cloud Storage using either:
1. Microsoft OneDrive
2. Google Drive
3. Dropbox

Desktop PC Service

- removal of dust from case / fans / heatsinks / connectors

If there is a specific requirement you need thats not listed then please ask

2018 Bourne PC Services

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